Call for Volunteers

Well, spring is only just around the corner and we need to get the ground in the Walled Garden as clear as possible before the weeds start to germinate again.  There are still some brambles to cut back and old derelict structures to remove.  Our next session in the garden will concentrate on these tasks and is planned for Monday 29th February,  9.30 to 2.00.

Greenhouse base
Derelict greenhouse built of bricks made by the Star Brick Company, Caerleon

Supported by Thom from Keep Wales Tidy and Graham, one of our regular volunteers, we will start to salvage the bricks from the old green house base.

We want re-use these bricks to build the foundations for our Horticultural Therapy Greenhouse that will be funded from our Tesco Bags of Help award.

GetImage A quick plug here for our previous post, asking you to vote for our greenhouse at one of the Tesco stores in Torfaen or Blaenau Gwent between Saturday Feb 27th and Sunday March 6th.  The 5p carrier bag charge has funded this award and we are delighted that the Walled Garden will receive at least £8,000, and more if we get loads of votes!

If you have a few hours to spare next Monday and would like to help with this on-going clearance, please do come along.  For anyone who’s up for cleaning a few bricks, we have eye protection goggles and a selection of hammers and chisels.  If you prefer to use your own that’s fine,  and please ensure you wear good gloves and stout boots.

View from South east corner, Feb 2016
The garden viewed from the south east corner  – February 2016

For bramble clearing and gathering up other burnable waste you will need to bring secateurs, loppers and rakes.  We will pile it all up in readiness for the next bonfire.  Again good gloves and footwear are essential, and a wheel barrow if you can get one in your car will be a real asset!


If you able to come along to help please respond to this post or drop me a note at

Thank you

Jan Smith, on behalf of the Walled Garden Community

3 thoughts on “Call for Volunteers”

  1. Morning,
    I am currently working as a physio in the trust. I am interested in your post about using the garden for therapeutic horticulture. I have done a taster day with Thrive up at their Reading headquarters with a view to do their training course in Coventry. I was wondering if you already had people to staff this project of therapeutic horticulture or whether you would be looking for people once the work in the garden and the SCCC is finished?

    Look forward to hearing back from you.


    1. Hello Naomi,
      Many thanks for your interest in the plan to develop Therapeutic Horticulture in the garden. This is very much in its infancy at the moment, with the addition of the greenhouse adding momentum to the concept. We will need to work up a bespoke programme in due course, including training for volunteers, in readiness for the garden’s opening which will align to the opening of the new hospital. If you would like to get involved now or in the future please get in touch via e-mail and we can explore further.


  2. Hi, I’m not sure what sort of help you are looking for but Cardiff conservation volunteers may be able to assist with tasks if they involve conservation of the environment. Although they charge, I think it’s about £140, you can have a group of volunteers for a whole day. They are good at ground clearance (bramble bashing), tree planting, pond digging, dry stone walling, preparation for wild flower meadow, hedge laying. They manage a huge amount of work in 1 day. If you search for Cardiff conservation volunteers you’ll find them.
    Best wishes with the project, Jenny (OT in ABUHB)


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