Call for Volunteers

Jane and Sundari working on the ivy

Jane and Sundari working on the ivy, April 2016

We have established a routine pattern of working in the garden on Mondays and realising that next Monday, May 2nd, is a Bank Holiday we debated whether or not to continue the trend.   Well the die hards among us have decided we will be there for the day and that perhaps a few new volunteers may be happy to come along too.

GetImageWe are still in the process of clearing the garden with a few areas of bramble and ivy left to tackle.  Having choses the greenhouse we plan to build with the Tesco ‘Bags of Help’ award we will also be marking out where this will be sited, together with areas of hard landscaping and planting.

We appreciate that Bank Holidays are a precious time for many but if you are at a loose end next Monday and would like to come along to help we would love to see you.   We now have growing collection of gardening tools but if you have your own secateurs or loppers please bring them with you.  You will need to wear good gloves, stout footwear and dress for the weather on the day!

For more information about this session and more in the pipeline please do drop me a note at

Jan Smith, on behalf of the Walled Garden Community