Designing the Garden

Torfaen County Borough Council granted planning permission for the garden design submitted on the charity’s behalf by Aneurin Bevan University Health Board in 2018. You can see a detailed copy of the plan that was submitted at this page:

Final garden Design Layout 2018 – Torfaen CBC 

We are therefore proceeding to develop more detailed plans for planting schemes, paths, shelters and seating for each quadrant.

Southwest Quadrant

Our volunteer garden design team has continued to develop our plan with recent meetings focusing on the southwest quadrant, designed to be a community space. The first plan has undergone some important but subtle changes, which can be viewed in the image below. (Click on the image to go to an enlarged view).

Design drawing for the southwest quadrant – June 2019 Jenny Lloyd

By looking at how people will move around this area and how it will be used for social activities, the team decided to add more access points to the central grassed area and a paved apron in front of the shelter. The layout and size of the different styles of perimeter gardens were also refined to ensure a smooth transition from one to the other, while a more symmetrical grassed area will make the care and maintenance of the space easier to manage.

A detailed planting plan will be developed next and work on landscaping will start late winter 2019, early spring 2020. In the meantime we would welcome any comments on the plan.

Northwest Quadrant

Below we describe the finalised planting plan for the north-west quadrant which we plan to make a reflective and sensory garden.

NW quadrant planting plan.

Our volunteer garden design team has explored in detail the plants that will work well in this quadrant. The plan is to use a range of shrubs and evergreens as a framework, with infill of perennials/bulbs/annuals with soft, pastel coloured, insect friendly flowers. To view the full details please download the planting schedule below:

North West Quadrant structure plant list March 2018

The area still needs clearing, digging out and the laying of paths and seating areas. We also need to decide on a water feature and get planning permission for the corner shelter structure. This means we will probably not be in a position to start planting until October this year (2018).

Can you help us?

Eleagnus ebbingii Source:
Escallonia Bifida (pink)

We’ve put a lot of thought into the precise varieties of plants on the list for this quadrant, so will try and stick with them if at all possible. If anyone would be willing to take cuttings or offshoots of plants on the list (particularly perennials) and grow them on for us, that would be very much appreciated. We also need well-rooted cuttings of Eleagnus ebingii (the plain green leaved, thornless variety) for the long hedge bordering the main north-south path, and also of Escallonia bifida (pale pink flowers) for a short hedge around a seating area. (We already have enough Lavender and Viburnum davidii plants). Financial donations towards the cost of some of the larger shrubs/trees are also very welcome.

The Social and Community quadrants need planting plans too – currently we are thinking hot coloured perennials in the social quarter, and native /woodland plants in the shadier community quarter, with a pebble river.

Ideally we need plants ready for the coming autumn/spring, so please let us know if you can help. We will try to use donated plants in the garden if they fit with our planting schemes, but if we receive too many or are offered other plants we will sell some to raise funds for the garden, or swap or donate them to other community garden projects.

If you can help please contact email: Thank you.

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