The Prothero Family

Owners of Llanfrechfa Grange from 1848 to 1860 (12 years)

Charles Prothero – born 1815; died 1874 (aged 59)

Sophia Cecilia Prothero (nee Macdonald) – born 18xx; died 18xx

Charles and Sophia married on 14 April 1841 at Salisbury

Mr & Mrs Charles Prothero v2
Mr and Mrs Charles Prothero – circa 1850/60

Not a great deal to read yet, but we will add to this page as new material becomes available.

12 thoughts on “The Prothero Family”

    1. Hello Kerrin,
      Many thanks for pointing out this obvious error. Despite proofing the pages before going live I clearly missed this one, and have now removed the reference to two children. I have not found a great deal of information about the Prothero family yet so would be really grateful if you would share anything that you know, including the names and dates of birth etc for the five children you mentioned. Please either respond through this website or directly to me at I do hope you are interested in contributing to our work and look forward to hearing from you.
      Jan Smith
      Llanfrechfa Grange Walled Garden Community


  1. Hello Jan

    Thank you for you interest in expanding information surrounding Charles Prothero. I am sure you have access to far more than I do, however, as a Prothero researching my family tree, I hope I can help.
    I don’t know anything about the house history, only what is available on the internet.

    Charles was in Llanfrechfa Grange in census 1851, but he is also recorded in the English census 1851 in St George, Hanover Square.
    I can’t find him in C1861 but can find the family in C1871 in Hampshire.

    He married Sophia Cecelia Macdonald on 15 April 1841, Salisbury Cathedral, where her father was Canon Residentiary of Salisbury.

    Mary Sophia Sotheron b 1842, Newport, Mon; d 1872 Surrey
    Frances Charlotte b 1843 Newport, Mon; d 1847 Wiltshire; buried Llanfrechfa churchyard cemetery
    Edith b 1846 Maindee, Mon; d 1919 Burnham, Bucks
    Reginald Charles, CD, MVO, Vice Admiral b 1849 Llanfrechfa; d 1927 Hampshire
    Ernest Macdonald b 1850 Llanfrechfa; d 1906 BC, Canada

    For more info, you might look at where you will find my Prothero Tree (username kerrin65)

    Anything else I can provide please feel free to get in touch.
    I visited the family sites in Wales in October 2015 including Llanfrechfa church.

    Kerrin Morris


  2. I ahve these dates for Sophia – born 1821 Bishops Cannings, Wilts; died 26 Jan 1882 Kensington if the image above has not been updated


  3. My name is Guy Sharp. I am one of Admiral Reginald Prothero’s grandsons and live in Brazil. My mother, his daughter Roberta Evelyn Sharp, recently passed away in the UK. I have the book ‘Famous Admirals’ which feature him as ‘Prothero the Bad’, and some other details about him. I’ve been researching his involvement with the Naval Brigade as Captain of the cruiser ‘Doris’ during the 2nd Boer war when they mounted some 4.7″ naval guns ashore. He was seriously wounded leading his men at the Battle of Graspan. For this he was made Companion of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath (C.B.). If this part of his history interests you, then I refer you to
    He married late and had four children – two sons and two daughters. His eldest son Eric, only 23 years old, was killed in 1940 when Petty Officer on a Q-ship, HMS Cape Howe. His other son Ivor was a tail gunner on Lancaster bombers and survived the war. He also died recently.

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    1. Dear Guy,
      Thank you very much for contacting us with this interesting information. We are certainly starting to build on the Prothero family tree now and will look to update the web page soon. If you have any images or photos of family members you would be willing for us to use that would be much appreciated. They can be sent via our email address.
      Thank you,
      Angela Fry


    2. Hello Guy,
      Small world..! I am one of Reginald’s great grandsons.. my father being his grandson (Clive).

      I had no idea we have family in Brazil, so that is interesting to learn! If you ever wish to connect feel free to email me at:


      1. Sorry for the delay in answering you. I was always fond of your father but we lost contact. I even have a portrait of old Regie made by Clive that my mother Roberta Evelyn passed to me, together with the book ‘Famous Admirals’ where he is known as ‘Prothero the Bad’ because of his colourful character.
        Hopefully we’ll keep in touch better now!

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      2. Guy – If you would ever like dads contact info let me know and I can pass it on to you again – He has never been the best at keeping in touch :).


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