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History pages go live

Our new history pages will go live on the evening of August 21st

They set out the historical information we are collecting about Llanfrechfa Grange and its gardens, especially the Walled Garden.  Gathered from historical records and from stories told by people who have known the Grange over the years our aim is to understand the estates history so that it can inform the future of the Walled Garden as we progress with its restoration.

We hope you enjoy reading these pages, which will continue to develop as we sift through information we already have and more is found.

If you have anything to add please do get in touch.


Gallery Page Now Live

LGH Garden 041The Gallery page on this site has been developed and we now have two slideshow galleries to view.

The first slideshow is of the Llanfrechfa Grange Walled Garden as it is now. The second contains aerial photos of the whole site taken some years ago.